Professional Guitar Tuition

I teach beginner to intermediate levels. I specialize in helping beginners get to grips with the guitar and music, and to hopefully realise that getting good on the guitar is well within anyones reach. On this site you’ll hopefully find everything you could ever possibly want to know about me and the lessons I offer, so please use the navigation to take a look around this site.

Jamie Witt is based in the South-West of England, Somerset.

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Friendly Relaxed Environment

I maintain an easy-going and comfortable atmosphere to the lessons, I find that this creates the most productive learning environment. The less-pressure you feel under, the quicker you learn things, but also the more fun it'll be, and for most people that's the whole reason for wanting to pick up the guitar in the first place.

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‘I have attended his solo gigs where he has demonstrated his musical and technical song writing skills, and I have recommended him several times to people (...) and have always received positive feedback to his professionalism, knowledge and friendly demeanour.’

Steve Waddleton,
Drum Teacher and Muscian

‘I didn't know anything about music or playing the guitar, but Jamie was so helpful and supportive, which made the whole learning experience a lot more enjoyable and relaxed'

Jake Rimmer, Student

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