About me

I am an RGT registered guitar tutor with over 5 years of teaching experience, with over 9 years of playing experience, the last 3 of which have been at a professional level. On top of this, I am a published recording artist.


As a Teacher

I have accumulated 5 years of experience teaching students of all ages, abilities and ambitions. I have taughtprimary school children of around 7, helping them take their first steps in music and the guitar, and I’ve taught GCSE and A level Music students and helped them develop the more advanced skills on the instrument required to do well in their exams. But in addition I’ve also taught people who just see the guitar as something to do to relax and have fun as a hobby. The variety of students I have taught has meant I have needed to adapt and develop my teaching style to suit the needs of each and every student.

As a result of my years of teaching experience, I have come to view every student as an individual with their own set of goals and objectives on the instrument. My approach to teaching reflects this in every lesson I teach.


As a Player

I have very extensive playing experience in many different forms, such as playing in originals bands, playing countless live gigs in successful covers bands, playing at weddings, during ceremonies, acoustic shows, session work for local bands, and also contract work.
The most notable of this work includes:

– Playing lead and rhythm guitar in a house band at a four star Warner Leisure Hotel. This involved learning a set list which featured in excess of 60 songs, including 3 sets of Ballroom music, which all had to be performed to a very high standard in keeping with the Company’s exemplary image and entertainment reputation.


– Playing all guitars in local band ‘Fiver’, a very successful working covers band playing music from the 1960’s all the way up to the 2000’s. This involved playing a very wide variety of venues all around the South, clocking up dozens of successful gigs.

-Playing all guitars in popular cover band ‘The Zoot Dukes’, playing a mix of Blues, Ska and Jazz with an emphasis on musicianship evident in our reworked versions of classic songs and meticulously crafted segues.
– Providing session work for an up and coming local band with a rapidly growing fanbase, joining them onstage to provide lead and rhythm guitar lines.

– Providing the music for Wedding ceremonies, playing acoustic guitar music during the walk-in and walk-out.

-Playing at numerous private functions for Charities, Birthdays, Weddings, Fundraisers and various other functions.


As a Published Artist

In the latter half of 2009, I released an album of self-written and recorded instrumental acoustic music which to date has sold on iTunes, CDBaby, Yahoo! Music Japan and Amazon. The process involved in this means I gained invaluable experience in songwriting and composition, the entire recording process, and of course getting published and getting my music into the public domain.