Lesson info

What I teach

I teach either Electric Guitar, or Acoustic Guitar, from beginner to intermediate levels. The main styles I teach are Pop, Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, and Folk. I can teach in other styles if requested, if there’s a style you’d really like to learn (e.g Ska or Country), then let me know and we’ll see what we can do.


Do I teach beginners?

Absolutely. I specialize in helping beginners to make their first steps into Guitar, Music and Music Theory by constantly striving to teach in a way that is easy to understand, jargon-free and, above all, patient. There are no time-limits or deadlines here, everything is at your pace.


How I teach

I have quite a specific way of teaching which I have worked very hard to perfect,. Someone once told me ‘work smart not hard’ and this is the way I’ve structured my teaching; to make things as easy as possible to follow, because I make sure we don’t run before we can walk, and everything follows a sensible order to make it as straightforward as possible.


What if I’m not interested in loads of Theory?

That’s perfectly fine. Whilst I think it is handy to have a basic grasp of theory, some people simply want to strum some chords and enjoy the instrument without dealing with too much theory. When most people think about theory, they think of reading music and weird musical terms and a whole load of stuff which doesn’t seem to relate to just playing songs you love. This isn’t how I teach theory. I use it as a tool to make you self-sufficient, so you can learn songs you want to play quickly and easily.


The songs I teach

I have a large range of songs to suggest and teach to the student, but the ideal situation would be one in which we learn the songs you like and listen to. This not only makes the process much more enjoyable for you, but it’s quicker. If you can already hum the tune to a song, playing it on the guitar is a much smaller step than if you don’t know the song at all to begin with. What I’ll do is analyze the songs you want to learn and pick out the key techniques or bits of theory so it still fits in with a balanced learning of the guitar.