Skype Lessons

I also offer Skype video guitar lessons, for learners who find it difficult to attend lessons because of other commitments like work or families. They work almost identically to regular lessons, and the level of tuition you receive will be the same, the only real difference being that I won’t be able to print out resources for you, but even so I will e-mail them to you.


How Do Skype Lessons Work?

You book a lesson slot with me just the same as if you were to have a regular lesson. Then when it is time for your lesson, load up Skype on your computer and ‘video call’ me. Sit a little way back than you normally would from the computer with your guitar in your hand, and then we’re ready to go!


What do I need?

You’ll need a computer  (laptop or desktop or even a tablet will be fine). You will need a good internet connection (Skype will test this for you when you download it so don’t worry if you aren’t sure!). You will also need a webcam. These are in-built in most laptops, but you can also buy them relatively cheaply. I’d recommend getting a good quality one though, as the better the quality the better I’ll be able to see you and what you’re doing on the guitar!

You’ll also need Skype, which can be downloaded here:

Skype is completely free and quick and easy to install to your computer.


Do I need to be really good with computers?

No! Skype is a fantastic program which was designed to be really, really easy to use for absolutely anyone. And I’m always on hand to call (with an actual phone!) if you nee any help setting it up.


How much do Skype lessons cost?

I’ve seen Skype lessons for various things advertised at more than a face-to-face lesson. This never made much sense to me as Skype is free to use, so my charges are exactly the same as my regular lesson prices.

What equipment do I use?

To make sure I’m sending you the very best video I can, I use a very high speed computer, over a high speed internet connection and a High Definition Microsoft Webcam, so you can see exactly what I’m showing you just as though you were in the same room as me.